Tax Consultant Potsdam and Berlin: General tax advice

Our tax experts

No business, no family, is alike. For us, this means that every mandate is unique. How carefully we distinguish between the respective interests – without losing sight of the big picture – can be seen here:

Formative individual consultation

Acquisition and sale of businesses
  • Development of transaction strategies/models/structures
  • Support of the transactions, due diligence – implementation and support
  • Fiscal and economic support of the transaction
  • Business evaluations
  • Different valuations for different causes
  • Procedure in accordance with IDW S1 or the Valuation Law (BewG)
Business restructuring
  • Fiscal and business consulting on structuring concepts as well as implementation and support
  • Succession consultation
  • Succession consultation for businesses, business valuation and sale of businesses (MBI, MBO)
  • Involvement of investors, foreign business management model, foundations
  • Tax-optimised inheritance planning
  • Tax-optimised arrangement of anticipated succession
  • Free transfer within the family
  • Tax planning to reduce any taxes on gifts and inheritance
Heirs and gifts
  • Tax-optimised asset planning in life
  • Formative transfer of assets to heirs
  • Advice on the design of tax-exempted wills and contracts
  • Preparation of your tax returns on inheritance and gifts

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