Tax Consultant Potsdam and Berlin: Accountancy / payroll accounting and financial accounting


Accurate information should be available on the movement of money and services within a business. This is what accounting is for. It systematically identifies, documents and monitors the movement of money and services. On behalf of our clients, we summarise the relevant information so that you are able, at all times, to account for your situation vis-à-vis the tax office, banks and social insurance bodies. The data prepared – and on request also interpreted – by us can be ideally used by any business for purposes of controlling and planning. We can process the following fields for you:

Payroll accounting

  • Monthly calculation of wages and salaries
  • Construction-sector wages
  • Keeping of pay accounts
  • Income tax declaration
  • Proof of contributions
  • Preparation of all payment media
  • Electronic data transfer to the corresponding institutions (e.g. tax office, health insurance funds, etc.)
  • Certificate of employment and confirmation of payment
  • Announcements to the social insurance
  • Announcements to the professional association
  • Announcements to the supplementary benefits insurance of the building trade
  • Registration and cancellation of employees
  • Participation in income tax audits
  • Participation in audits by the social insurance providers

Financial accounting

  • Setting up bookkeeping
  • Monthly bookkeeping
  • Discussion of the periodic results (monthly, quarterly or annually)
  • Advance turnover tax returns including supplementary applications and notifications
  • Monthly evaluations; these include, for example:
    • business evaluation
    • controlling report
    • liquidity overview
    • money flow statement
    • cost and performance accounting
    • business comparisons
    • open items list
  • Support with self-bookings
  • Assistance in the choice of bookkeeping systems for self-bookers
  • Assistance in the choice of accounting system (standard, industry-specific or individually adapted accounting systems)
  • Assistance in setting up company-specific evaluations for business reporting

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