Career opportunities at the Knappworst & Partner Tax Consulting Company in Berlin and Potsdam

Whether have just completed your studies, want to changes careers, are looking for a first job or want to begin your training: send your application to our tax consulting office at the locations Potsdam and Berlin. We believe that good people are always needed.

At present we are looking to fill the following positions:
  • Tax consultant
  • Assistant tax consultant
  • Tax clerk
  • Insolvency clerk
  • Trainee tax clerk
  • Trainee office clerk
  • Trainee office clerk for office communications
We can offer you good career development opportunities, professional, team-oriented work in all areas in an exciting environment with long-term perspectives and attractive, performance-appreciative payment and various vocational training possibilities.
    Please send your application by e-mail or by post to: Knappworst & Partner Steuerberatungsgesellschaft
    Am Bassin 4
    D-14467 Potsdam

    Tax consultant Potsdam

    You are:
    • A tax consultant with professional experience
    What you should have:
    • Experience in the preparation of tax-law assessments
    • Knowledge of issues related to national and international tax law, particularly in the field of business taxation
    • Good communication and acquisition skills, self-reliance, independence, a sense of responsibility, and social skills
    • Knowledge of the English language

    Assistant tax consultant Potsdam, Berlin

    You are:
    • A consultant / an assistant tax consultant with relevant professional experience
    What you should have:
    • Knowledge of business economics, accountancy, the preparation of annual financial statements and tax returns, and tax law
    • Knowledge of general computer applications (MS Office group) and bookkeeping software
    • A commitment to performance, dedication, independence, ability to work in a team, and a self-assured manner
    Your sphere of activities:
    • Independent support for clients in all fiscal and business-administrative matters

    Tax clerk Potsdam, Berlin

    You are:
    • A tax clerk (first-time employees are also welcome to apply)
    What you should have:
    •     Knowledge of financial accounting and payroll accounting
    •     Good communication skills, ability to work in a team, reliability

    Insolvency clerk Berlin

    You are:
    • An insolvency clerk or an employee in legal matters with a good knowledge of accountancy
    What you should have:
    • Knowledge of insolvency law and procedures
    • Experience of final reporting and final accounting
    • Experience of insolvency accounting
    • Good communication skills, self-reliance, independence, a sense of responsibility, and social skills

    Trainee tax clerk Potsdam, Berlin, training year 2017

    Training contents:
    • Accountancy (bookkeeping and accounting regulations, bookkeeping and balancing methods, payroll accounting, preparation of statements, etc.)
    • Taxation (fiscal code, turnover tax, corporation tax, trade tax, income tax)
    • Business economics
    • Use of information and communications technologies
    • Practical organisation and work organisation
    Your sphere of activities:
    • Bookkeeping
    • Payroll accounting
    • Preparation of annual financial statements
    • Preparing tax returns
    • Office and administrative duties
    • Data processing
    These are your career prospects:
    • Assistant tax specialist
    • Tax specialist
    • Tax consultant
    • Auditor

    Trainee Office Clerk Potsdam, Berlin, training year 2017

    You have:
    • College or university entrance qualifications
    What you should also have:
    •     Enjoyment of teamwork
    •     Good communication skills
    •     Good computer skills
    Training contents:
    •     Accountancy (bookkeeping with balance and account posting as well as cost accounting and performance accounting)
    •     Office administration
    •     Business studies and social studies
    •     Computer skills: here mainly spreadsheet calculation and word processing
    •     Trading
    •     Marketing
    Your sphere of activities:
    • Performing commercial administrative and organisational activities
    • Organisation of the internal flow of information and communications

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