Tax Consultant Potsdam and Berlin: Annual financial statements

Financial services of our Tax Consultants

Financial accounting (undertaken by you or by us) forms the basis on which we prepare your annual financial statements. During the current financial year, we provide our clients with profit projections, interim financial statements and forecasts. In this way, your annual financial statements become a calculable factor that takes account of your requirements vis-à-vis banks, investors and the tax office. We operate on your behalf in the following areas of work on annual financial statements:

  • Examination and preparation of net-receipt calculations
  • Opening balance sheets
  • Monthly, quarterly or half-yearly interim financial statements
  • Annual financial statements in accordance with commercial law
  • Annual financial statements in accordance with tax law
  • Annual financial statements in accordance with IAS / IFRS
  • Checking the plausibility of annual financial statements in accordance with national (commercial law and tax law) and international (IAS/ IFRS) accounting standards
  • Co-designing and preparing the Notes and the Status Report
  • Analyses of the annual financial statements including business and branch comparisons
  • Liquidation balance sheets
  • Asset statements

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