Tax Consultant Potsdam and Berlin: Advice on sponsorship

Your funding opportunities

The funding landscape is varied and companies in Germany and in the EU have many opportunities for funding. An overview is often missing, however, and some applications therefore fail to be made. We are very well acquainted with the funding landscape and can find suitable support for you. We will accompany your efforts throughout the process, from the application stage to implementation. Our consulting goes even further: We are there for you in all matters of start-up and growth phase . We identify possible grants and support for your business.

We are specialized in these areas of sponsorship consultation:

  • Advice on sponsorship and sponsoring institutes
  • Sponsorship applications
  • Application for an investment grant
  • SMB declaration (for small and medium-sized businesses)
  • Application for GA sponsorship of the commercial business economy
  • Gr├╝ndercoaching Deutschalnd
  • EXIST-Sponsorship
  • Support of funding applications
  • Micro Mezzanine Fund - Germany

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