Tax Consultant Potsdam and Berlin: Trainees

Attention trainees!

We are looking for people who enjoy working in a team and are quick learners. The fact that working in a tax-consultancy office is not boring is something our current trainees can certainly confirm.

"I am not the only trainee who previously did something else. I am very happy to be here and to learn something new every day. At first I thought taxes are dry stuff – but that's not true at all! My horizon has broadened a great deal. And the many different clients mean I get to work with a variety of different topics: art, medicine, etc."

Anja Rink Assistant tax consultant, 2nd year of training

"Before starting here I had all sorts of jobs; storeman, hotel work, and so on. But I really wanted an office job and – via the Chamber of Industry and Commerce's trainee vacancy exchange on the Internet – I then came to the Knappworst office. Everything went really fast: I worked for a test day, and a week later I started properly. What I really like is the work atmosphere here in the office, the cooperation between the colleagues. Just files, files, files – that's not the case here."

Sebastian Kytka Office management assistant, 1st year of training

"For me it was helpful that I had previously completed my school-leaving certificate in Commerce at the OSZ (technical college). This meant that I already knew a bit about accountancy when I started here. A friend of mine recommended this office – he had also done his training here. For him this employer proved the ideal stepping stone for his further career."

Kevin Giese Assistant tax consultant, 3rd year of training

Trainee assistant tax consultant – Potsdam, Berlin, current training year 2021

Training contents:

  • Accountancy (bookkeeping and accounting regulations, bookkeeping and balancing methods, payroll accounting, preparation of statements, etc.)
  • Taxation (fiscal code, turnover tax, corporation tax, trade tax, income tax)
  • Business economics
  • Use of information and communications technologies
  • Practical organisation and work Organisation

Your sphere of activities:

  • Bookkeeping
  • Payroll accounting
  • Preparation of annual financial statements
  • Drawing up tax returns
  • Office and administrative duties
  • Data processing

These are your career prospects:

  • Assistant tax specialist
  • Tax specialist
  • Tax consultant
  • Auditor


Trainee office management assistant – Potsdam, Berlin, current training year 2021

You have:

  • College or university entrance qualifications

What you should also have:

  • Enjoyment of teamwork
  • Good communication skills
  • Good computer skills

Training contents:

  • Information management
  • Information processing
  • Commercial office procedures
  • Coordination and organisational duties
  • Customer-relationship processes
  • Procurement of material and external services
  • Personnel-related duties
  • Commercial management and control

Your sphere of activities:

  • Performing commercial administrative and organisational activities
  • Organisation of the internal flow of information and communications


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