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Knappworst & Partner Tax Consulting Company

In 1995, the tax consulting company is founded by Thomas Knappworst, business graduate and tax consultant, in Potsdam. He brings vast business knowledge and experience from his longstanding work for PricewaterhouseCoopers AG into the firm. Thomas Knappworst worked at the PwC locations of Düsseldorf, Berlin and Magdeburg in the areas of auditing, tax consulting and the purchase/sale of businesses.

Thomas Knappworst is in his element when it comes to the subject of the economy. The target-conscious founder of the office Knappworst & Partner comes from a traditional Braunschweig business family. The commercial aspects of the clients' projects are included in all fiscal matters. It is not without reason that one of the main focuses of the office is on business enterprises.

The Tax Experts

In the office Knappworst & Partner, a workforce of 50 people tackles all areas of traditional tax consulting. Moreover, the office provides highly specialised advice in the following areas:

  • Starting up and establishing businesses
  • Restructuring of businesses
  • Consolidation and renovation of businesses
  • Support in the purchase and sale of businesses
  • Business succession
  • Introduction and development of accounting systems and cost accounting

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"I know that our approach is correct, when our clients feel in good hands - even professionally or personally. We are not only involved in content - and on all areas of taxation and finance - but we are always interested in the client, in his request, his ideas, his visions, his plans."

Thomas Knappworst, founder

Lawyers in Potsdam and Berlin:
Cooperation with Goldenstein & Partner

A stable association of groups of consultants makes it possible to offer a larger, comprehensive range of services. The Knappworst office cooperates with Goldenstein & Partner, Lawyers and Tax Consultants. We have been working together like this for years in a reliable and efficient manner that is to the benefit of our clients. The challenges of our times are not diminishing but pooling expertise creates an effective counterbalance.

Tax Consultants in Russian:
Russian group for tax consultation

A clear understanding of all of the interconnections presupposes a language in which the client and the consultant can communicate with each other without difficulties. The many clients in Germany, Russia and Eastern Europe are advised in the office Knappworst & Partner by Russian-speaking tax consultants, lawyers and tax clerks in their native language.
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Audit of insolvency proceedings

For over 15 years Knappworst & Partner is active in the field of auditing in insolvency and foreclosure proceedings. The firm has in-depth practical knowledge in the audit of bankruptcy and insolvency proceedings. In Germany Thomas Knappworst is the only certified appraisers for the examination of the final settlement. The DQS GmbH (Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Zertifizierung von Managementsystemen) has certified the firm in the area of ​​closing audit in insolvency proceedings in accordance with ISO 9001 : 2008 in January, 2011. Learn more about the audit of insolvency proceedings at Knappworst & Partner Tax Consulting Company.

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